The parliament has adopted only one draft law of 15 initiated by majoritarian MPs in Volyn

Civil Network OPORA has analyzed activities of all Members of Parliament, elected in majoritarian districts, and particularly those in Volyn oblast. Monitoring was conducted during seven months starting from December 12, 2012 to July 12, 2013 during the first and the second session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of VII convocation.

Monitoring results will be presented in the conference hall VolynMedia on Thursday, July 18. Regional coordinator of the Civil Network OPORA in Volyn oblast Mykhailo Shelep and OPORA's analyst Oleksandr Neberykut presented results of the research.

After the last elections, the Parliament has received 37% of new people. To compare, 48% of "fresh blood" was elected in 2007. The Batkivshchyna is the most active in law-making faction in this convocation, and UDAR is the least active. The biggest number of submitted bills concerned economy and finance (492) and the foreign affairs was the least considered sector (18 bills).

 Volyn oblast

According to the 2012 election results in single-mandate election districts, 5 Members of Parliament of Ukraine were chosen in Volyn oblast. As of the end of the second session of the VRU of VII convocation, 4 MPs are not affiliated in any faction, and – is a member of the AUU Svoboda.

OPORA has assessed professional achievements of MPs for the reported period, particularly analyzed draft laws and inquiries submitted by majoritarian MPs, studied their attendance on plenary sittings of the Parliament and work in the corresponding VRU committees. The experts have also analyzed electoral promises of MPs elected in Volyn oblast, in order to assess the realization of their election programs.

OPORA's analysts have analyzed election programs of all MPs elected in Volyn oblast and systematized their promises according to 28 problematic sectors. According to the analysis results, 138 promises which require specific efforts of MPs in order to put them into practice.

The biggest number (26%) of promises concerned Volyn oblast, and the smallest (2%) – transport infrastructure. For example, Ihor Palytsia promised to improve housing conditions in Lutsk residential area, Stepan Ivakhiv promised to construct a powerful and modern waste processing plant, Yevhen Melnyk proposed to appoint local judges for 5 years etc.

As for law-making activities, the biggest number of bills was submitted by Stepan Ivakhiv and Ihor Yeremeiev, 9 and 7 bills respectively. Yevhenii Melnyk had submitted the smallest number of bills. However, it's just incredible that Yevhenii Melnyk is simultaneously the most effective majoritarian MP in Volyn, whose draft resolution was fully adopted by the Parliament. In general, Volyn majoritarians have initiated, often as co-authors, 13 draft laws, and two draft resolutions. Besides the resolution submitted by Yevhen Melnyk, all the other bills were either not adopted or not considered by the Verkhovna Rada.

Despite MPs elected in Volyn oblast actively declared their intent to solve urgent problems in their election promises, they managed to only partially prove it, as long as their legislative initiatives were inefficient, and only one draft resolution was approved by the Parliament.

"Concerning the efficiency coefficient, what is the most important, only one submitted resolution was adopted – Draft Resolution on Celebration of an Anniversary of Volodymyr-Volynskyi City Foundation. This document is the only adopted one from all those submitted by MPs of Volyn oblast. During the half-year period they managed influence on the adoption of only one document, and this document is not the most important for the Volyn oblast," – Oleksandr Neberykut commented on monitoring results.

The expert had also noticed, that the majority of the most important initiatives adopted in the Parliament are submitted either by the President himself, or by the Cabinet of Ministers. In fact, it's difficult for MPs to initiate or adopt important bills, which influence the most important processes in our country, than ideology positioning or celebration of anniversaries.

The detailed report on the research conducted in Volyn oblast is available in the section "Analytics".

Press-service of the Civil Network OPORA in Volyn oblast